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How does it work?

After receiving a lead in the Premier Agent App, agents can send an invitation to the home buyer to connect online on Zillow and Trulia. Once your client accepts the invitation, you will appear as the only buyer’s agent on for-sale listings that they view on Zillow or Trulia.

How do I send an invitation to my client?

You can send an invitation to any of your saved Zillow or Trulia contacts in your Premier Agent App. Simply navigate to 'Contacts,' click on the desired contact and then click the 'Send Invitation' button.

Is my online connection with my client permanent?

No. Your client has the ability to decline the invitation or end the online connection anytime they want.

Is this invitation a contract?

No. The invitation is a way for you to engage your client in the home buying process and connect online on Zillow or Trulia, like you might friend someone on Facebook or add a connection on LinkedIn. It is non-binding and can be ended at any time.

My lead came in from Zillow/Trulia. If my client accepts my invitation, where will I show up online?

You will appear as the sole buyer’s agent on for-sale listings on Zillow or Trulia, depending on which site the lead originated from.

Will I appear on all for-sale listings, or only where I advertise?

When a client has accepted your invitation, you will appear to them on for-sale listings for every county where you: (a) advertise or (b) have added a ZIP code as an area where you provide service. You can add or remove service areas at any time by editing your Zillow profile.

Can I invite clients who did not submit on Zillow or Trulia?

Not at this time. Invitation functionality is limited exclusively to leads submitted on Zillow or Trulia. 

Will I appear on listings or will my team member? 

The agent who sends the invitation is who will appear on for-sale listings when the online relationship is confirmed. We recommend that the invitation is sent by an agent that the client has already spoken with and will recognize.  

What happens when I re-assign a lead?

Reassigning the lead to a different team member moves the online relationship as well. If you have a confirmed online connection with a client and then reassign them to a team member, you will transfer that online connection to your team member. 

Can my ISA do this for my team?

At this time, the only way your ISA can send out invitations for your team is if they are logged in to your account.

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