Creating Tasks

How do I create a new task?

It’s easy to create a task in the Premier Agent App and Inbox. There are three ways to do so:

  1. Create a task directly from a contact by tapping the "+" in the top left corner.
  2. Create a task from your master “Task List,” found in the menu in the Premier Agent App or the top navigation in your Premier Agent Inbox.
  3. Create a task from the overflow menu on the message details screen.


How are my tasks organized on my task list?

Tasks are shown in order of their due dates. If there is no due-date assigned to a task, it’s placed in the “Future” task section.


How do I complete a task?

Simply check the box next to a task to mark it as complete. The completed task will then be moved to your “Completed” task list. Completed tasks are listed in order of completion.


I’m a team leader. Can I create a task for a team member?

Yes. You can create a task for any contact that you have saved in your contact list. If that contact is assigned to one of your team members, that task will appear in their task list.  


If I create a task for a contact that is assigned to a team member, where will I see that task?

Your master task list shows only tasks for contacts that are assigned to you. If you create a task for a contact that is assigned to a team member:

  • The team member will see the task on both their master task list and that contact’s specific task list.
  • The team leader will only see the task on the contact’s task list.


How will I be notified when I have a task that is due?

You’ll receive a push notification from your Premier Agent App at the reminder time that was set when the task was created. If a reminder time wasn’t set, it defaults to 15 minutes before the due date time. You can also turn off reminders for specific tasks.

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