How does Zillow get listings?

Listings are published directly to Zillow through a data feed.

To learn more about setting up a feed please see below. Note that these options are for Brokers.  If you are an agent, please have your broker follow the following instructions.

MLS Syndication

The best way to get your listing onto Zillow and Trulia is for your Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to send us a feed. Please ensure that you broker has opted-in to have your listings included in the syndication to Zillow Group. It benefits you and your seller’s, as listings will automatically update on Zillow Group from the MLS. Please have your Broker reach out to us at 1-888-367-4001 for more information on how to send listings via an MLS or direct broker feed.

Zillow Rental Manager

Zillow Rental Manager, previously called Postlets, is a listing creation and distribution platform owned and operated by Zillow. This platform is available to agents and Brokers to syndicate rental listings. You can create a listing just once, and Zillow Rental Manager will distribute it to all the Zillow Group sites: Zillow, Trulia, HotPads and many of the leading classifieds sites, search, and social media sites. For more information on Zillow Rental Manager and to get started please visit this page:

View the listing source through Zillow

If you have listings on Zillow that are already active, you can always check the source of the data through the Listing Provided by section at the bottom of the listing. You can also claim this listing to your profile, to learn how to manually claim a listing please see article:

How do I claim a listing

You can also check out this information through our Quickhelp video : 


For general “how-to” you can Register here for our tutorial Webinar. 


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