New Construction Listings FAQ

How can I get my listing to show up as a ‘New Home’ on Zillow?

A listing must be sent to us in a direct builder feed in order to appear as a ‘New Home’ on Zillow.  If your new construction listing is not sent to us in a builder feed (but designated as a new construction home at the source), it may still populate in a new home search, but will appear as a standard, for sale, listing on Zillow. 

What is the advantage of a listing being shown as a ‘New Home’ on Zillow?

Many of our visitors are searching for new construction homes on Zillow.  Our new construction listings show floor plans as well as video and information on the community where the new home resides.  During a home shopping search, new construction homes will appear in both categories: New Homes and via the general homes for sale search. We also have advertising packages for builders to reach Zillow’s audience of buyers. Please contact for a demo.

Can I just list my new construction listings through Postlets or an aggregator?

No. We require a direct feed. Otherwise, your new construction listings will not appear in the search results as “New.”

Does this include spec and to-be-built homes?

Yes. Spec and to-be-built homes need to be syndicated to Zillow through a direct feed. We do not allow spec or to-be-built listings on Zillow unless they are sent through a direct feed.

Who do I contact to set up a new construction feed?

You may email to discuss sending your new construction listings to Zillow. Please also ask the builder to contact us directly.

I have permission from the builder to represent the listing as the exclusive agent. How do I claim my new construction listing on Zillow?

Currently, new construction listings can only link automatically to agent profiles using the email address in the data file. Please work with the feed provider to update the agent email in the data file to match the email address saved in your Zillow profile.

Will the listings in a new construction feed still link to my Zillow agent profile?

Yes – as long as the listings link to the agent email address listed in the feed file.

The builder's listings are open and OK to advertise. Who can claim them on Zillow?

Zillow does not recognize open listings at this time. We only allow the exclusive, contracted listing agent to claim his/her own listings. If the listing does not have an exclusive listing agent we will link it directly to the builder.

What documentation needs to be provided for an agent to represent a new construction?

You can email your listing contracts to Zillow at Please include your listing agreements that verify you are the exclusive, contracted listing agent so we can confirm the listings are yours and you have permission from the builder to claim them. You may not claim listings that are not exclusively yours.


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