Helpful Tips on Handling Negative Zillow Reviews

Zillow Reviews are intended to promote confidence and transparency for home shoppers as they make one of the biggest financial and emotional decisions in their lives. Reviews are a huge part of what makes Zillow the most trustworthy home-related marketplace. For this reason, reviews are very rarely removed once reviewed and approved by our moderation team. If you feel an unsavory review has been posted about you, there are a few steps you can take in response.

1. Flag the review for re-moderation
If you think the review deserves a second look, you can flag it directly through your profile and have it re-moderated. If the team finds it does not meet the review guidelines, it will be removed. However, if it still meets the guidelines, it will remain published.

2. Respond to the review publicly
It’s a great idea to respond to all your reviews – from 1 star to 5 stars! This provides you with the opportunity to market yourself as a classy and courteous agent by leaving a public response. Adding a personal touch like this to your profile shows you care about satisfying your clients and sets you apart from your competitors. Check out this link for tips on responding to negative reviews: Click Here

3. Contact the reviewer through Zillow

Although reviews are submitted anonymously, you may contact the reviewer directly through their Zillow profile. To do this, click the username on the review and then click “contact” on their profile page. By doing this, I’ve seen agents repair relationships with reviewers, which may even compel them to edit/update their comments! I would always encourage you to own those relationships with your reviewers, including requesting – and contesting – reviews.

4. Request more reviews
Research suggests that people actually regard a rating of 4.8 or 4.9 more credibly than a perfect 5.0. As you get more positive reviews, your poor review will be pushed lower on your page and your overall rating will improve. In that same vein, we have data that shows the quantity of reviews drives more contacts to agents than the rating itself, and so while it’s natural to strive for reviews with the highest rating, it’s more important to increase your overall number of reviews.

If you’re interested in more details about Zillow ratings and reviews as well as our moderation process, please visit the links below:

Review Guidelines
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