How do I create a Team Profile?

The team profile is powerful feature that helps agent teams create a presence on Zillow and Trulia. Team profiles consolidate all team members’ reviews and past sales onto one page to provide a central location for home shoppers to better understand the structure and scope of a team. Team member reviews and sales are aggregated to the team profile. While team profiles provide a combined view, team leaders and team members still retain their individual agent profiles.

Team profiles also enable team leaders to route leads to team members based on different criteria. 

Note: When a team member leaves a team, reviews and past sales made during the time they were a member of the team will remain on their profile. New reviews and sales added after they left the team will not be counted toward the team profile.

Creating a team profile

If you’re a team leader, you can create a team profile and add team members to it. 

To set up a team profile:

  1. Log in to your agent account and click Profile.
  2. Click Team Management.
  3. Click Start team to create your team.

Naming your team and adding members

Once you’ve created a team profile, you’re now the team leader and can name your team, start inviting agents to become team members, and set up routing rules to send the right leads to the right agents. To set your team name, Click on Add team name and enter your team name.

To add team members:

  1. Go to the Team Management page.
  2. Click on Add team members, then search for team members by name or location to invite them to your team. Note: agents you invite must have an agent account on Zillow or Trulia.


They will get an email notification to accept the invite. Done!

Private team members

When you add a team member, you have the option to select whether their membership in your team is public or private. Private team members do not show up in the team’s public profile, and their reviews and transactions are not rolled up to the team. Team leaders can use this option to facilitate lead routing when they want to send leads to agents whom they don’t want displayed as a part of their public-facing team.

Here are some examples of when private team membership can be used:

  • New team member: The team leader wants a new team member to build up reviews prior to being publicly part of the team profile.
  • Regional expansion: The team leader is expanding to a new region but wants to maintain profile focus on a current region.
  • Referrals: The team leader wants to refer out certain leads to another agent.

Joining a team

Only team leaders can create team profiles. If you are a team member, ask your team leader to log in to their Zillow profile and create a team profile so you can join the team. When your team leader creates a team and adds you as a member, you will receive an email notification to accept the invitation.

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