Best of Zillow FAQ


The Best of Zillow Program

This program allows customers to rate their experience with you, and you receive their ratings in the form of digestible data. You’ll be able to see where you’re excelling and spot opportunities for growth — then build a brand known for exceptional customer experiences. Agents with a score of 90 or above receive Best of Zillow status.

What is a customer experience report?

Your customer experience report is an up-to-date set of customer feedback data points that lives on your private dashboard. It’s calculated from anonymous customer survey responses at multiple stages of your working relationship: the day after you connect, 15 days later and 45 days later. Your report provides insight into how customers feel about working with you so you can track your performance and continue to grow a brand known for exceptional customer service experiences.


What is a customer experience score?

Your customer experience score is the first and most critical data point in your report. Your score determines whether you’re a Best of Zillow agent.


How is my customer experience score calculated?
Your overall customer satisfaction score is a rolling average of your 20 most recent ratings. As new customers rate their experience with you, older ratings drop off so that your overall score reflects your current performance.

How is the customer experience score different from client reviews on my agent profile?

Your customer experience score is a private rating based on direct customer survey responses. We send surveys to a customer at various stages of your relationship: the day after you connect, 15 days later and 45 days later. Reviews on your profile are public and will continue to help you stand out to home shoppers.

Who can see my customer experience report and score?
Just you and your team leader. Current customers, prospective customers and other agents can’t see your customer experience report or score. Your report and score are published on your private dashboard and never shared elsewhere.

How is customer experience data gathered?
Data is gathered through customer surveys; customers are contacted through email, text and the Zillow app. Surveys are sent the day after you connect with them, then 15 days later and 45 days later. We seek feedback in this cadence so we can gather data at various stages of your relationship.


How often does my customer experience score change?
Your customer experience report refreshes in real time. The data displayed in your report is always up to date, incorporating the latest customer feedback from agent experience surveys.

How many former or current customer ratings are included in my customer satisfaction score?

We use your 20 most recent ratings in calculating the score.

How can I achieve Best of Zillow status?
Best of Zillow agents have a customer experience score of 90 or higher out of 100 possible points. To improve, focus on the customer, no matter where you are in your working relationship.

Can I lose my Best of Zillow rating?

Yes, you lose your Best of Zillow rating and profile badge if your customer experience score dips below 90 at any point. Once it improves to 90 or higher, you will be in the program again.

Can teams achieve Best of Zillow status?

Yes, teams can also have a Best of Zillow rating. There are two types of Best of Zillow badges — individual and team — and an agent could have both featured on their profile. Like individual agents, if a team has a customer experience score that meets Best of Zillow requirements, that team’s leader and members will get a Best of Zillow badge on their Zillow profile.


Does a Best of Zillow score come with perks?

Best of Zillow agents receive an exclusive profile badge, increased exposure and access to the marketing toolkit. These benefits will be available in 2019.


Does my customer experience score impact the number of leads I receive?

No, your customer experience score doesn’t affect your Zillow lead volume.


As a team leader, do I have access to my team members’ customer experience reports?

Yes, team leaders have access to each team member’s customer experience report. However, team members can’t see other member reports — only their own.


Will I be penalized for having a low rating?

If you have a poor rating (73 or below), you will be given a three-month grace period to improve your score. Your grace period starts on the first day of the month following your low rating. You’ll have access to online tools and resources to help you improve in key areas that drive customer satisfaction during the home-shopping journey. Additionally, your business consultant will be available to you as a resource.

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