Next Evolution of Premier Agent: Contact Lead Statuses

Premier Agent status messages lets you know more information about your leads and indicate whether you should follow up or not.  You can always find the status in the Premier Agent App.

Where can I see the status for each lead?

In your Premier Agent App inbox. As each lead is contacted by our team, a summary status will appear below the lead’s name. When you open the message from the lead, a detailed status will tell you what our team has found out and suggest next steps. 

What do I do after I receive a lead? 

It depends – check the status first. Based on the information that we collected about the lead, the status message will recommend that you do one of three things:

  • Follow up soon
  • Follow up when you can
  • Don't follow up

What should I do if I don't understand a status message? 

Here are all the status messages that might appear in the Premier Agent App:

Category 1: Follow up soon

Category 2: Follow up when you can

Category 3: Don't follow up

Unselected Connections

As you move into The Next Evolution of Premier Agent, unselected connections will be differentiated within the inbox. Unselected Connections can now be differentiated within the inbox via the status message. This  will help clarify which leads are from a selected source or an unselected source.

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