iOS 11 Accessibility Update

What is changing?

The Premier Agent App will now respect your native font settings on iOS 11. What this means is that the font size you see inside the Premier Agent App will be the same as you see in your calendar, mail, messages, music, notes, settings, and many of your other apps. This provides you with a  more consistent experience across the apps on your phone.

When is this changing?

This change is planned to release in our next update (version 4.44.0) at the end of July 2018. We are letting you know about it before it goes live to give you time to update your settings in advance. Once the update has been released, please make sure to update your app to take advantage of this new feature.

Why are we doing this?

iPhone screens are much larger than they used to be, which means there's more room for larger font sizes. Many users prefer larger text on their phones and we want to provide the most user-friendly experience to our customers.

How can I update my font size settings?

Open your iPhone settings and go to the General > Accessibility section. Scroll down and tap “Larger Text.” Turn on “Larger Accessibility Sizes” and then use the slider at the bottom to adjust the size. You can make your text larger or smaller and the Premier Agent App will reflect these changes, along with any other apps that support this accessibility feature.


Can I control the text size independently for only the Premier Agent App and have it larger or smaller in other apps?

No. This update is designed to respect the native settings of your phone and does not allow you to use a different text size in the Premier Agent App. This will give you a more consistent experience.

What about support for iOS 10 and lower?

iOS 11 provides many new accessibility features that previous iOS versions don’t support. Our data shows that the majority of our customers use iOS 11. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to upgrade to iOS 11 for the most up-to-date experience.

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