What are Home Tour Highlights?

Home Tour Highlights allows agents to share their insights on the homes they’ve toured directly on the listing page. Consumers have come to rely more on third-party reviews for the things they buy, and Home Tour Highlights provide buyers with additional insight into what makes a home great.

Who can submit Home Tour Highlights?

Any agent on Zillow is eligible to submit Home Tour Highlights.

Where are Home Tour Highlights currently available?

At this time, Home Tour Highlights are available in San Jose, CA; Dallas, TX; Oklahoma City, OK; Tulsa, OK; Kansas City, MO; and Jacksonville, FL.

Why should I submit highlights for listings I’ve toured?

Home Tour Highlights are a great way to grow your brand by showing off your expertise in your market. Sharing your high-quality observations demonstrates to buyers that you care about the features they’re most interested in.

I’m a listing agent. Why is this valuable to me?

Home Tour Highlights provide home shoppers with the third-party validation that so many consumers have come to expect on the products they buy. Highlights expand upon the listing details and give shoppers a reason to tour the home in person.

I’m a listing agent. Can I submit highlights for my own listing?

No, listing agents may not submit Home Tour Highlights for their own listings.

Are Home Tour Highlights moderated?

Every highlight is reviewed by a team of moderators at Zillow to ensure the comments comply with our guidelines, terms of use and good neighbor policy before they are published. Listing agents and homeowners may flag highlights they believe violate these guidelines.

Can I edit my Home Tour Highlight?

To edit your highlight, simply submit another highlight on the listing page. Your new highlight will replace the old one.

Can I submit two highlights on the same listing?

No, only one highlight per agent will be accepted on each listing. If you submit a second highlight on a listing page, it will replace your first highlight.

Can I add Home Tour Highlights on Trulia or other Zillow Group brands?

Home Tour Highlights is a feature exclusive to Zillow.

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