Can I use my professionally produced video outside of the Zillow Group network?

Now that your professionally produced video is live on Zillow, capitalize on this unique advertising opportunity and bring your story to life everywhere else you’re marketing online! Below are some tips on how and where to share your video outside of the Zillow network.


Post your video on your own YouTube Channel

Why? Although your video ad is hosted on the Zillow YouTube channel, we recommend that you post your video to your own YouTube channel, enabling it to show up in search results when someone looks you up on the Internet. In addition, uploading your video to your personal channel lets you control upload details, direct consumers back to your website, and share your video from your own page in order to track views, likes and comments

Create your YouTube channel: Easily create a personal YouTube channel by following these simple instructions

Upload your video: For a quick tutorial on how to upload your video, watch this short video; for additional instructions and troubleshooting, you can find useful information here.

Share your video: There are several ways to share your video. To learn more visit Share Videos on YouTube Help.


Share your video on social media and everywhere you have a social network presence! Our top suggestions:

Facebook is a major marketing tool for real estate. For instructions and information about uploading your video on Facebook, visit the Facebook help center.

Instagram is a simple and fun platform professionals can use to share content with an engaged audience. To learn how to add your video content to Instagram, visit the Instagram help page. If you plan on sharing more than 60 seconds of your video on Instagram, check out these tips on how to upload a video with multiple video clips.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network and provides a platform for professionals to share opportunities and information. To learn how to add your video on LinkedIn, visit the LinkedIn help center.

Twitter is an effective way to market yourself to a large audience and quickly interact with clients through tweets. To share your video on Twitter, simply compose a new tweet and paste your YouTube video URL as the tweet content. For more information on importing a video from your device, visit the Twitter help center.


Put your video in your email signature

Why? This is one of the easiest ways to market your video because every time you send an email, there it is!

How? Creating and/or editing your email signature varies depending on email provider. Once you know how to edit your email signature, the easiest way to add your video is to create a hyperlink using an external source (like Microsoft Word or a new email draft), then copy/paste the hyperlink into your email signature settings. After you have finished your updates, send yourself a test email to ensure the hyperlink is active and links directly to your video.

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