Facebook Ad Comments FAQ

Can I respond to comments from consumers on my Premier Agent Direct Ads? 

While Premier Agent Direct advertisements are optimized to drive home shoppers to click and contact you, at times, a home shopper may comment on one of your advertisements. You may respond to any comment on your Premier Agent Direct Advertising, and we encourage you to direct the home shopper to click through the ad and submit their contact information on your Premier Agent Direct landing page. This enables you to use Premier Agent's client management tools with your lead. 

How will I know if a home shopper has commented on one of my ads? 

Each month, you receive an email with your Premier Agent Direct reporting which includes a link to all Facebook ads that ran in the previous month. You may click through these links to check each ad. If you no longer have this email, your Business Consultant can assist you. 

Why don't I get alerted when someone comments on my Premier Agent Direct ads? 

We do not routinely monitor Premier Agent Direct Advertisements for consumer comments due to extremely low volume. If you would like to monitor your Premier Agent Direct Advertisements for comments, you can reach out to our Agent Care team for links to your currently advertising. We will respond to your request as soon as possible. 

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