Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zillow 3D Home? 

3D Home is a free mobile app that allows homeowners and real estate professionals to capture 3D tours of homes with their iPhones. These 3D Homes are published to a listing's home details page on Zillow, letting potential buyers virtually walk through the home's layout and giving agents and sellers a powerful tool to market their listings online. 


How does it work?

To create a 3D Home, you just need an iPhone (with the Zillow 3D Home app installed) and a web browser. The app allows you to quickly capture panoramas of each room in the home and link them together. Once you've finished capturing the features of the home, tap "Create Tour" in the app to start processing your tour. Within a few hours, you'll receive an email letting you know your tour is ready to preview and publish to your listing. 


What does it cost? 

3D Home is free - all you need is an iPhone (with iOS 10+) to start creating immersive virtual tours for your listings. 


Why should I add 3D Home tours to my listings? 

Adding 3D Homes to your listings helps them stand out on Zillow: 

  • Listings with a 3D Home get preferred sort order in Zillow search results, garnering more exposure for these homes where prospective buyers are searching. Zillow listings published so far with a 3D Home have seen nearly 2x as many page views per active day as comparable listings in the area (Zillow Internal, 2018).
  • Listings with a 3D Home also receive a unique icon, helping buyers who want to look at 3D tours identify which listings have them at a glace. 
  • 3D Home helps you better serve clients by offering unique content that helps your sellers' homes get more exposure and look their best on Zillow. 


How can I get it? 

3D Home is launching in select markets in 2018. If you'd like to be notified when 3D Home is available near you, please sign up to be added to our email listing. 


Will it be available on Android too? 

Initially, 3D Home will be available on iPhone only. We plan to launch an Android version of our capture app in the future. 


I don't shoot my own listings photos Can my photographer use it? 

If you work with a professional photographer to market your listings, they can use their own phone to capture a 3D Home for you. While they do not need to be certified in order to use 3D Home, we provide photographers with training on 3D Home and other Zillow media products through our Zillow Certified Photographer program. If you don't currently have a photographer and would like to work with one who is trainer in Zillow media products, please visit our photographer finder to contact a Zillow Certified Photographer in your market. 


How much time does it take? 

The time to capture 3D Home varies based on the size and number of rooms in the home. Typically, agents and photographers should be able to capture a virtual tour in around 30 minutes. Homes larger than 3,000 sq. ft. may take more time. 


How do I need to prepare my listing before capturing a tour? 

Before you start capturing a 3D Home, make sure you have appropriate lighting, flow and a clean space. Here are a few tips: 

  • Open all window blinds and curtains.
  • Turn on all lights, including recessing ceiling lights, floor lamps and desk lamps. 
  • Open all the doors between rooms you intended to capture. 
  • Remove clutter and put it in a closet or storage space you aren't planning to capture. 


I'm a broker. What does this mean for my agents? 

3D Home is a tool your agents can use to give you listings a competitive advantage and win more business, on and offline. When your agents include a 3D Home in their listing: 

  • They gain exposure for the listing in Zillow and Trulia's home search results, creating more opportunities for buyers to get in touch. 
  • They provide potential sellers with a cutting-edge, affordable way to make their home look its best online, giving the agent an edge in listing presentations. 


I'm a photographer. Why is this valuable to me? 

3D Home helps you differentiate yourself from other photographers and provided added value to your clients. With 3D Home, you can offer: 

  • More exposure for your agents' listings. All listings with 3D Home are sorted to the top of Zillow search results. 
  • A 3D tour solution for more of your listings. Unlike competing 3D products, there are no device or storage fees, and capture is quick and easy. 


Are there any guidelines or best practices for creating my tour? 

Yes! Please review our 3D Home Guidelines for more information on using this product. 

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