3D Home Guidelines

Please comply with the following terms and guidelines

What you need to know

  • If you upload a submission to 3D Home, you represent that you have all rights necessary to upload and share the submission. 
  • Zillow grants you revocable license to share a verified 3D Home through a Zillow page to your brokerage/agent website and related social media accounts, subject to your compliance with these guidelines. 
  • Zillow may choose to edit your submission to improve/clarify the tour, or remove tours from 3D Home. Zillow does not review every submission. 
  • To read more about your rights and obligations related to using Zillow Group services generally, lease read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. You agree to be bound to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy by using any Zillow services. 


Additionally, you agree to comply with the following submission guidelines


  • DO upload quality panoramas through the 3D Home app. 
  • DO share your 3D Homes through your brokerage/agent website and related social media accounts. 
  • DO add objective labels to your upload ("Kitchen," "Living room," "Master bath").
  • DO include an appropriate number of panoramas to represent the property. 
  • ONLY associate a tour with an address with the permission of the homeowner. 


  • DO NOT include branding, images or other text in the panoramas or in other user interface elements on the 3D Home viewer. 
  • DO NOT crop or zoom panoramas. 
  • DO NOT upload panoramas for properties you do not own or have the owner's permission to upload. 
  • DO NOT add subjective labels to your upload ("Best view in Seattle," Awesome kitchen"). 
  • DO NOT make any inaccurate representations about a property. 
  • DO NOT upload blurry, poorly lit or otherwise low-quality panoramas. 
  • DO NOT let anyone else use your account to create a 3D Home. 


More information

-To learn more about using 3D Home, please visit your 3D Home Guide

-To learn more about general Do's and Don'ts, please visit the Good Neighbors Policy

-If you still have questions, we encourage you to contact us at 3Dhome@ZillowGroup.com. 

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