How do I change domain name DNS settings?

The DNS Editor is for advanced users. We provide this functionality so you can change various DNS settings for your domain (such as who handles your email), but you definitely shouldn't be using this if you don't know what you're doing.

The records at the top of the DNS Editor page are locked to ensure that your site and domain remain working correctly. If you'd like to delete a record, just clear out the value for it.

1. Sign in to your Zillow profile and click on My Website.

2. Click on Domain/URL.

3. Click on DNS Editor.

4. Complete the following fields under Add a new DNS record:

  • Name - Enter the domain name or subdomain for the new record.
  • Type - Select A, CNAME, MX or TXT.
  • Value - Enter the mail server's address and the Priority you want to assign to the mail server.
  • TTL - Select how long the server should cache information. Select 1 hour, 12 hours or 1 day.

5. Click on Save all Settings.

Here's an article on Godaddy that explains what DNS is, what it does and how it controls different aspects of your domain name.

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