How do I manually claim my listing?

To manually claim a listing, please follow these steps:

Locate the property on Zillow by searching using the home address, or search using price and location filters.  The listing will appear in the search results.


After you click on “Expand” you will see the option to Claim the listing:


You will see 1 of 2 options:

Option 1:

(If the primary agent email this listing is syndicating with is not attached to any account on Zillow yet)


If you see this option, click on the box and you will be able to claim the listing.

Option 2:



Note that the name of the feed will differ from the example above, the name of the feed in this box will be your feed provider.

If you receive the second option, you will need to update your e-mail address in your MLS to match with the your email on Zillow or vice versa.

For more information on how to sync your listings please see article:

How do I sync my listings with my Zillow profile

You can also learn more about how to manually claim listings through this Quickhelp video:




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