Why am I not receiving Listing Reports?

There are a couple reasons why you may not be receiving Listing Reports. It could be a user error or the account is not subscripted to receive listings reports. 



First, ensure that your account is subscribed to receive listing reports. To check, this simply go to your “Account” tab, then “Subscriptions” after you’ve logged into your account.


User Error

The most commonly found issue is when an email address already associated with your account is added to the Listing Report Recipient Email(s) field.  For example, if your primary email address or secondary email address on your Zillow account is, youremailaddress@realestateagent.com, please be sure to not enter this to the Recipient Email(s) field. 

You can click on the “send myself the report now” and you will receive the report within 15-20 min.


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