What types of listings do you accept?

Accepted listings:

At this time, we only accept residential listings on Zillow.   If you are advertising a mobile home, it must include a deeded lot as homes that require a land rental fee are restricted from being advertised on Zillow.

When advertising an allowed listing you must be the contracted exclusive listing agent for that listing. A listing may also be advertised by the exclusive listing Agent's broker owner or team lead. A broker owner or team leader whom advertises a listing on behalf of the listing Agent must update their profile on the Services so it represents the team or company instead of an individual Agent.

Not accepted listings:

We do not currently allow commercial, industrial, timeshares or farm and agricultural properties. Open listings or “ok to advertise” listings are not permitted.

We do not allow for short term rental listings including, but not limited to, vacation rentals or fractional rental properties.

For more information, please visit our Quality Listing Policy:

http://www.zillow.com/corp/Quality.htm ( section 1. a – k)


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