How can I add Past Sales to my Zillow profile?

  1. To add a past sale, log in to your Zillow profile
  2. At the top of the page, click Profile and then select Past Sales
  3. Enter the full address in the Add Recent Sales field, then click Add Sale
  4. Enter the correct date, price and side of the sale you represented 

If the property is not found after entering the address, click on the "click here to create the property" link under the light box. Complete the required fields as directed.

If you have a large number of past sales, we will be happy to enter them for you. Create a Comma Separated Value (CSV) Excel spreadsheet with the following fields:

  • Property address (including ZIP)
  • Sold date
  • Sale price
  • Who you represented (Seller, buyer or both)


Email the spreadsheet to

*Please note, one side of a transaction can only be provided on one agent's profile. Past sales claims are verified by whoever the written agent was on the listing contact agreement unless there was a separate contracted signed to give ownership to the broker/team lead while the agent was working under that team/office. 


To learn more, you can Register here for our tutorial Webinar. 

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