How can I update the status of my listing?

This update will need to be made from the feed source. For example, if your listings are syndicated to Zillow from your brokerage, the status has to be changed through the broker feed directly. The new status will reflect on Zillow within 24- 48 hours after the source is updated. 


If you posted a listing manually before May 1, 2017:

After you’ve logged into your Zillow profile, please navigate to your “My listings” tab. There you will see the option to edit your listings. Once there you can change the status at the top of the listing.

You can also go to the listing itself on Zillow, then click on the “edit listing info” button at the top of the listing. You will then see the option to update the status of the listing accordingly.


For more information regarding what is a manually listing or a feed syndicated listing please click here .

You can also check out this information through our Quickhelp video :

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