How do I update my Zillow Group profile?

  • Professional Information 
    1. Sign-In on (top right corner)
    2. Click “Lender Hub” and select “View your profile”
    3. Click “Edit Profile” (blue button)
    4. Upload photo from computer
    5. Add NMLS #
    6. Add company Information
    7. Click “Submit” at the bottom to save changes

  • About Me – The About Me is a place for you to enter in information (or “Self-Review”) about yourself to share with prospective customers. If you are copy-pasting in information, please “paste” and then log a keystroke like the spacebar or the enter-key to keep the information when submitting any new information.


  • Account Settings – Account Settings allow you to change your e-mail associated with your Profile and change the Password.


  • Update Card - Login to your Zillow profile here, click on “Agent Co-Marketing” and choose “Edit” next to the 4 digits of the current card on file.


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