Who can set up team routing rules?

Any team leader can use routing rules to send leads to team members.  After you setup your Zillow profile as a “Team”, when you next visit your Premier Agent Inbox you will see a "Team" menu option.  Simply pick the Routing Rules option in the dropdown to get started.


Our routing rules allow you to route your email and phone leads.  You can route email leads by price, location and type.  For phone leads we offer a broadcast option that aims to connect an incoming call to the first available agent on your team.

Tip: If you have previously used Contact Forwarding to send leads to your team members, we highly recommend that you turn off or delete your previous forwarding rules and use Routing Rules instead. When you utilize Routing Rules you will be able to see any updates your team members make to each lead and access reporting on how many leads you have assigned to each team member.



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