How can I create a lender profile?



First go to


 You need to “Join” Zillow with your <e-mail> to create your Lender Profile.


 Enter in your e-mail and a password.

Select “I am a landlord or industry professional” and then select Mortgage Lender and hit “Submit.”

You’ll be brought to a screen that will ask you to enter in your NMLS.


When you enter in your NMLS, it will confirm your name based upon the central NMLS database.

Click “Continue” when your name appears. If you enter in your NMLS and it says it has already been claimed, please reach out directly to and someone can assist you.

You’ll be able to select from the information that’s in the NMLS database if there is a drop-down option. All other areas are free form if there is no drop-down.

A photo is required in order to complete your Lender Profile; it can be edited at any point later on.

When you are ready to accept the Co-Marketing invitation, please use this direct link to view it:


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