FAQ for Renter Profile


What is the Renter Profile?

Zillow’s Renter Profile is a tool for renters to grab the attention of potential landlords and property managers.  Renters can quickly and easily provide their qualifications helping speed up the search process and increase the chances of securing an ideal rental. Renters create a personal profile outlining their renter qualifications, which can include personal bio, employment, desired amenities, credit score range, and more. With just one click, renters can then share this key information with properties that interest them.  

How does the Renter Profile benefit renters using Zillow to find their perfect home?

Creating a Renter Profile allows renters to quickly provide their qualifications, grab the attention of potential landlords and property managers and increase their chances of securing the perfect rental property.  The next time you return, you only have to update your existing profile. 

What personal information is included in the Renter Profile?

Each renter has complete control over the personal information that is included in the Renter Profile. A completed profile typically includes a personal bio, reason for moving, credit score range, employment history, references, pet information, reason for moving and any desired amenities.

Does Zillow charge renters a fee to create, save and share a Renter Profile?

The Renter Profile is a free tool for renters to use when searching for a rental on Zillow.



Is my Renter Profile public?

No.  Zillow shares your Renter Profile with landlords or property managers at your discretion and direction.   

Will my Renter Profile information be shared with any 3rd parties?

Zillow will share the information provided in your Renter Profile with rental professionals at your direction and in accordance with our Terms of Use (http://www.zillow.com/corp/Terms.htm) and Privacy Policy (http://www.zillow.com/corp/Privacy.htm).

How will Zillow use the information I provide in my Renter?

 Zillow will use the information you contribute to your Renter Profile to help you grab the attention of multifamily property managers and landlords, to improve your site experience, and enhance our service offerings.  For more information about how we use the information you provide, please see our Privacy Policy (http://www.zillow.com/corp/Privacy.htm).



What does Zillow do to protect my Renter Profile information?

Zillow is committed to protecting your information.  We use and store your information in accordance with industry standard practices.  For more information about how we maintain information collected on our site, we encourage you to review our Privacy Policy (http://www.zillow.com/corp/Privacy.htm).



How do I begin creating my Renter Profile?

When you find a rental listing that you want to contact, make sure to check the box “Send my renter profile.” When you send a manager an email contact, you will then be prompted to build a Renter Profile.

Who can I share my Renter Profile with?

You can share your Renter Profile with any landlord or property manager.

Once I create a Renter Profile, do I always have to send it when I contact a landlord or property manager?

No. If you don't want to include your entire Renter Profile you can select to include "basic information" and only your name, phone, email, and brief personal message will be included in your contact. De-selecting "Send my renter profile" will send only your basic information to the property manager.



Can I edit my Renter Profile?

You can access your Renter Profile from the listing contact form. To edit your information:

  1. Scroll to the section you'd like to edit and move your cursor over it.
  2. Click into the field and add or remove text.
  3. Click Save.

You can also access it directly here.

Updating or editing your Renter Profile will only impact the information you provide to landlords after you make changes. If you want a landlord or property manager you've already contact to know about an edit you've made, you will need to follow up with them directly.

How do I remove/add/change a pet from my Renter Profile?

It’s easy to add, change, or remove a pet from your Renter Profile. Use the + button to add a pet. Select the appropriate pet from drop down menu (Dog: small/medium/large, Cat, Other: fill in the blank). Use the - button to remove any pets that are no longer a part of your profile.

What are "Locations" used for?

Locations will help property managers who may manage multiple buildings in a geographic area identify all properties that may fit your needs. Additionally, Zillow may use your selected Locations as a way to personalize your site experience by finding the newest rental listings that meet your desired location. See ‘Privacy’ section of FAQs for more information on how Zillow will respect the information you provide as a part of your Renter Profile. 

Can I delete my Renter Profile?

You can remove any or all of your Renter Profile information by deleting data from the fields that you select. While the Renter Profile cannot be completely deleted, you can remove data from the individual fields.   

What does Household size mean?

Household size is defined as the current number of people in your household.

Can I select multiple home types that I may be interested in?

Yes, feel free to select all the appropriate inventory for your search. You may select all types or only one type. 

 Why does my Renter Profile require me to create a password?

Creating a password allow us to save your Renter Profile information which can save you time as you move fast to find your next home.

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