How do I search for Section 8 rental housing?

Although there is not a specific search filter to include Section 8 rentals, including this information in a keyword search may be beneficial.

Zillow's Community Pillar is a program that allows applicants with potential rental barriers the opportunity to obtain housing. 

Community Pillar landlords and property managers know that securing safe and reliable housing is often the first step towards a brighter future, and they want to help everyone in their community find their way home.

For more information regarding a specific listing, we recommend contacting the listing provider to further discuss the accuracy of the listing. At the bottom of every listing, you can find the contact information for the listing provider under the section titled ‘Listing Provided By.’

While Zillow strives to provide consumers with the best tools and information to make smart real-estate related decisions, we have no involvement in the communication between listing provider and potential tenant.

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