I just bought my home. Why is the most recent sale information missing from Zillow?

In the case of recent sales transactions, it may take some time for the data to be provided to Zillow. The time it takes to receive this information varies between counties and depends on the county’s process for publicly reporting information of this nature. This means that while a sale can be reported on your county’s website, it may not be on Zillow. As soon as Zillow receives the sales data for your home, it will appear in your price history.

If you recently sold your home and your agent has a free Zillow profile, they can log in and manually add the sale information to their Zillow account. This data will then appear on your home property page.

If there is an older sale that is not appearing in your price history, the data may not be readily available. In this instance, there may be delays in reporting due to the county’s reporting process, especially in smaller, more rural areas.  


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