What is a Make Me Move?

What is a make me move?
A make me move listing is a way for you to test the market and gauge potential interest without officially listing your home for sale.

How does it work?
Once you set your Make Me Move price, potential buyers can contact you via e-mail and your identity will remain anonymous. Then it's up to you whether or not to sell your home. You can remove your Make Me Move at any time.

How do I post a Make Me Move?

To post your home as a Make Me Move, first log into your Zillow profile. From the menu bar at the top of your screen, locate the ‘Sell’ button and select ‘Make me move’ from the drop down menu.


On the following screen, enter the full address of your home and click continue. Alternatively, you can also click here to begin your Make Me Move listing.


You may be asked to verify that your home is mapped in the correct location.


Then you will be able set the price of your Make Me Move and upload photos. Please note that a Make Me Move listing requires at least 1 photo. You can also edit your home facts, add additional information about room, utility and building details and enter a contact phone number.


Next, check the box to accept our terms of use and click ‘Post Make Me Move.’

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