Where does Zillow get its listings?

When a home is for sale by owner, the listing is manually posted to Zillow through the home owner's account. If your home is for sale by owner and you are having trouble posting your listing, please visit our article 'How do I post my home for sale?'  which has step-by-step instructions.

If you would like to learn more about editing your for sale by owner listing, the article 'How do I edit my for sale by owner listing?' has more information. 

While Coming Soon listings can be manually posted by agents through their profile, all other listings are syndicated to Zillow through a variety of feed sources. This includes listings for sale through an agent, New Construction, Auction, and more. A listing feed is a way to publish frequently updated data in the same format. The Zillow Listing Feed process is done through an XML file that is sent to Zillow, which then transmits the listing onto the live site. 

Listings are sent to Zillow from sources such as partners, brokers, agents, third-party “feed” providers, and in some cases, directly from an MLS. Zillow does not pull or take listings from different websites. 

For syndicated listings, any updates must be made directly at the listing source. That change will then reflect on Zillow within 24 hours. You can find the source of a listing by scrolling down to the bottom of a property page under the “Listing Provided By” header. This will tell you where it is coming from.

If your listing is missing from Zillow, please visit the article 'Where is my listing?' for more information or contact our Consumer Care team through our contact form.

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