Combined Zillow and Trulia Advertising: FAQ

With combined advertising across Zillow and Trulia, Premier Agent now provides a consumer reach unmatched by any other real estate network, a single hub for profile and account management, and the best solutions from each site combined in a streamlined, easy-to-use platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Merging profiles

We’ve combined the information within both Zillow and Trulia profiles, including past sales and client reviews, to provide a single, complete profile that agents only need to edit once to display updated information across both sites. 

Editing your profile

Where do I go to edit my profile?
Use your Zillow profile to make any changes or additions to your information; these include updating your bio, requesting client reviews and adding past sales. Any edits you make on your Zillow profile will also appear on Trulia.

My Trulia profile won’t let me make edits. Why?
When your profile details were merged across the two sites, your Trulia profile became linked to your Zillow profile to provide simpler, streamlined profile management. Edits to your Zillow profile will apply across both sites, so you only need to manage one profile.


Why won’t Zillow accept my Trulia reviews?
Zillow has strict review requirements that differ from Trulia’s. All Zillow reviews are carefully screened for authenticity, vetted for helpfulness and approved by Zillow staff. In transferring over your Trulia reviews, Zillow filters out all reviews that do not meet this criteria.

Profile information

Do I get to choose what details you keep on my new profile(s)?
We will merge your profile information to provide a complete record of past sales and client reviews. We’ll keep the Zillow profile details, so if you prefer the information on your Trulia profile you’ll need to add it to your Zillow profile.

Why can’t my Trulia badges also appear on Zillow?
Zillow does not issue profile badges; this is a unique feature to Trulia. There are no changes to your Trulia badges during this transition.

Using a new profile

I didn’t have a Zillow profile before and now I have one. How do I log in?
We will auto-create your Zillow profile and send you an email to create your password. Simply click this link and set your password; your profile will be populated with your Trulia information.

What if I only want a profile on one site?
By appearing on both Zillow and Trulia, you maximize your exposure to buyers and sellers while only maintaining a single profile.

Changes to advertising

We’ve expanded Zillow Group’s Premier Agent program across Zillow and Trulia websites and mobile apps. Existing advertisers will retain the same monthly spend as when the programs were separate, but will also have an opportunity to increase their exposure should they wish to do so and will benefit from the convenience of a single monthly bill.

Trulia products

Advertisers previously using Trulia Local Ads and Trulia Mobile Ads will now be converted to Zillow Premier Agents and appear across both sites and mobile apps; agents can no longer purchase Trulia Local Ads or Trulia Mobile Ads.

There are no changes to Trulia Seller Ads or Trulia Pro subscriptions. 

Zillow products

Premier Agent advertisers will now appear across Zillow and Trulia, enabling them to connect with two unique audiences of active home shoppers.

There are no changes to Zillow Foreclosure Ads, Premier Agent Video Ads or additional purchased featured listings.

Program changes

How is Premier Agent different than my advertising on Trulia? 
Premier Agent is similar to Trulia Local Ads and Trulia Mobile Ads, in that it is a geo-targeted advertising product that helps you get in front of buyers and sellers in your market. Premier Agent differs slightly in that mobile is included, rather than sold separately.

What if I just want to be on one site?
The Premier Agent experience is the same across both sites to ensure that the contacts you receive from Trulia are just as good as those you receive from Zillow and vice versa. Both sites attract active home shoppers; 60 percent of total visitors to both Zillow and Trulia are in the market to buy or sell within a year.

Can I just buy mobile ads like I did with Trulia?
Mobile is included as part of Premier Agent advertising.

If I don’t want mobile, do I just get a discount?
Since more consumers today view homes on mobile than on desktop, mobile is a core part of the Premier Agent offering and is not sold separately. 

Managing contacts

All Premier Agent contacts received across Zillow and Trulia can be viewed in a central location, making it easier to respond to contacts and track your ROI.

Where do I go to manage my contacts from Trulia?
All Premier Agent contacts from both Zillow and Trulia will route into Zillow’s Agent Hub. Log in to your Zillow profile and view the Contacts tab to see your contacts.

Tech Connect

I use Tech Connect; will my Trulia contacts flow into this as well?
Yes, if you’ve activated Tech Connect, all Premier Agent contacts across Zillow and Trulia will flow automatically into your preferred CRM. Note, Tech Connect does not yet include Trulia Pro or Trulia Seller Ads. 

How do I connect Tech Connect with Trulia?
If you had already set up Tech Connect for Zillow, we automatically connected contacts from Trulia when we merged your profile. If you’re setting up Tech Connect for the first time, log in to your Zillow profile and under Contacts, select Connect to My CRM. This will route all Premier Agent contacts across Zillow and Trulia into your CRM. 

Why aren’t I seeing my Trulia Pro/Trulia Seller Ads contacts in the Zillow Agent Hub?
Trulia Pro and Trulia Seller Ads don’t run across Zillow and Trulia, so you won’t be able to see these in the Zillow Agent Hub. We’re working on comparable solutions to run across both sites; until then, please use the Trulia app to manage these contacts.

Trulia app

Why isn’t my Trulia app showing my contacts?
Your Trulia contacts will route into Zillow’s Agent Hub, which can also be accessed on mobile through the Zillow app – just make sure to sign in to your app using your agent login information. 

If you use Trulia Seller Ads or Trulia Pro, your Trulia app will still display these contacts as they’ve not yet migrated to a shared platform.

Do you plan on shutting down the Trulia app?
The Trulia app will remain active as we work on expanding its functionality to incorporate contacts from both sites.

Lender Co-Marketing

Premier Agents and their co-marketing lenders appear across both Zillow and Trulia in every ZIP code in which the agent advertises. Additional invitations or contributions can be managed independently through a self-serve interface in Zillow’s Agent Hub, and any changes apply to both sites.

For full details on Zillow Group’s Lender Co-Marketing program, click here.

What’s going to happen with my lender?
Lender partnerships under Premier Agent, Trulia Local Ads and/or Trulia Mobile Ads will now apply to both sites, and your lender’s contributing amount will not change.

Have you migrated my lender to appear across both sites?
Your lender partnership will be migrated if your lender co-markets with you on Premier Agent, Trulia Local Ads or Trulia Mobile Ads. Your lender partnership will not be migrated if it applies exclusively to products not yet operating on a shared platform; these include Trulia Pro, Trulia Seller Ads, Premier Agent Foreclosure Ads, Premier Agent Video Ads or additional purchased featured listings.

Do I need to take any action with my lender partnerships?
No, we’ve migrated all contributions, billing and contracts for merged ad products to apply to both sites. No action is required from you.

I’m a lender; what if my agent advertises in multiple ZIP codes and I only want to advertise in one?
Lender partnerships apply across both sites and ZIP codes to ensure you receive maximum exposure to buyers and sellers wherever they’re looking for homes.  

Sales and support

We’ve centralized our support teams to provide fast, comprehensive service across Zillow and Trulia. All salespeople will be able to help you with all advertising needs, including Premier Agent and stand-alone products like Zillow Foreclosure Ads and Trulia Seller Ads.

Do I have a separate salesperson/account manager for each brand?
No, you’ll work with just one dedicated account manager to purchase Premier Agent advertising, saving you valuable time.  

How does my monthly bill work?
For Premier Agent, you’ll be billed by Zillow Group once per month and only for impressions served up to your monthly budget.

Why am I receiving a bill from Trulia and/or Zillow when I’m also receiving one from Zillow Group?
If, in addition to Premier Agent, you also advertise on Zillow Foreclosure Ads, Premier Agent Video Ads, Trulia Pro, Trulia Seller Ads and/or purchase additional featured listings on Zillow, you will continue to be billed separately by Zillow and/or Trulia for these products until we replace them with comparable solutions that run across both sites.

If I have a problem with something on the site, who do I contact?
Use this link to contact our support team. Our friendly experts will be happy to help.

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