How can I find my Search Ads on Zillow?

From your desktop computer, go to the Zillow home page and enter the zip code for your purchased Premier Agent Direct Advertising and click "Search". Next, the search and map page will load, the Zillow Search Ads are located within the top 4 Real Estate Search Results. Below are some tips and tricks if you are experiencing difficulties.

Edit the Zillow search filters
Please ensure that under the search filters “For Sale” and “New Homes” boxes are checked. Refer to screenshot below:

How do I clear my Internet browser history?
Internet Explorer:
With the browser open, hold down Ctrl, Shift and Delete, at once on your keyboard. A Delete Browsing History window will load, check “Cookies and website date”, and then click “Delete".

Google Chrome:
With the browser open, hold down "Ctrl" and “H” at once on your keyboard, a window will load, click "Clear Browsing Data", then check “Cached images and files”, finally click “Clear browsing data”.

From the drop down labeled "Time range to clear" select “Everything”, check the "Cache" box, and then click “Clear Now". Please restart your browser if necessary.

If the Zillow Search Ad is still not displaying please make sure to disable your ad blocker.

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