How do I add a review of my agent?

To submit a review for your agent on Zillow, first make sure you are logged in to your Zillow profile. If you do not already have a profile, register for one by selecting ‘Join’ in the top right corner.


Locate your agent's profile within our Agent finder. You can search by name and/or location. 


From their profile locate the Ratings and Reviews section by clicking on the link for the number of reviews the agent has next to their photo. 


Here you will see the option to select 'Write a review.'


On the next page, select the star value for how likely you are to recommend the agent. You can also choose to provide ratings for any of the additional subcategories. Hovering over the stars will provide a brief definition of what that star rating means.


Describe your experience working with the agent, providing specific examples that support the ratings you chose.

Check the box indicating that your review is honest and respectful and that you understand Zillow’s Review Guidelines.


Finally, select the appropriate ‘Service provided’ option, add year of service and fill in the address field.




Select “Submit Review”


Once you submit your review it will be sent to moderation. We moderate each review before publishing it on Zillow. If the review meets our guidelines it will be published onto the professional's profile. You may also check the status of your review in the Reviews Written section of your Zillow profile.


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