Can I claim any listing on Zillow?

No. Zillow only allows you to claim your own listings. If another agent claims your listing – either accidentally or intentionally – you will be notified. It is against Zillow's Terms of Use to misrepresent a listing. If you claim a listing accidentally, you can release the claim and it will return to the previous listing agent.

What if I have permission from my teammates to advertise their listings?

Agents may only advertise their own exclusive listings on Zillow and only a broker or team lead may claim their teammates’ listings.  If you are a broker/team lead advertising listings on behalf of your office, you must update your Zillow profile so it represents your team instead an individual agent. Please do this by changing your screen name and profile picture. Once your profile represents your office, you may claim listings on behalf of your teammates – as long as they’ve given you permission.

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