Top 3 Rank Featured Placements

How do I qualify for featured placements on

When you rank 1, 2 or 3 in any zip code in which you advertise, you will automatically receive bonus featured placements on

You’ll appear in a new banner placement on the homepage when home buyers have searched for homes in that zip code.



You’ll appear in one of the top featured spots in the Agent Finder when home shoppers search in that zip code.



How do I know how I rank in my advertising zip codes?

You can view your rank by navigating to My Ads on Click on a zip code and view “Leaderboard Rank” to see how you rank compared to other agents in that zip. 



I didn’t change my spend but I dropped out of the top three ranked agents in a ZIP code. What will happen?

You will not appear in the featured placements in agent finder or on To get back into the top three in a ZIP code, you can adjust your advertising (log in and go to ‘My Ads’) or contact your business consultant.




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