When are postcard notification emails triggered and how do I order my postcards?

Notification emails are triggered within 24 hours of listing a new property or posting a recently sold transaction (sellers agent only). You will also receive an email at the end of the month to send brand postcards that feature your business. 
Campaigns are completely automated with postcards created from your Zillow profile. By default, just listed and recently sold postcards will be targeted based on the address of the property. All you need to do from the email is proof the postcard and click on the order button to confirm your order. Please note that clicking on the order button, immediately places the order. There is no confirmation screen.
Example notification email:

To learn more about targeting: 
What is the default targeting for my postcards? Can I update the target list?
To learn more about making edits to your postcard:
How do I make edits to my postcard?
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