Text Messaging

How does text messaging in the Premier Agent App work?

Now you can communicate via text message with the Premier Agent App and Inbox. Streamline communication by keeping all of your client text messages in one place.

  • When you receive a new lead in the Premier Agent App and click to reply via SMS, you’ll be given the option to send via the Premier Agent App.
  • When you reply, all of your text messages with that client going forward will be threaded within the Premier Agent App and inbox.
  • You can also start a new text chain with a client directly from the Premier Agent App or Inbox. Simply select a contact from your contact list or create a new message from your Inbox.


How will I be notified about new text messages within the Premier Agent App?

You will receive a text message alerting you the first time you receive a text from a client to your tracked Zillow or Trulia phone number. You will receive a push notification for subsequent messages from the same client.


Will text messages sent via the Premier Agent App be sent from my mobile number?

No. Text messages sent from the Premier Agent App will be sent from your tracked Zillow or Trulia number, depending on where the lead came from.  


How will text messages in the Premier Agent App work with other messaging apps I use on my mobile phone?

Text messages that you initiate from the Premier Agent App will be kept within the app. They will not appear in other messaging apps. Similarly, text messages sent to your personal cell number will not go into the Premier Agent App. Sending text messages with the Premier Agent App is a great way to keep your business texts and personal texts separate.


Can I send a text message to clients who are not saved in my contacts list?

Yes. When you send a text to clients not in your contact list, the number you texted will automatically be saved to your contact list.


Can my team members use this?

Yes. Each team member must have a Zillow or Trulia tracked phone number, either through:

  • Paying for their own Premier Agent Advertising.
  • Being included in your team’s routing rules.


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