What is the difference between a video walkthrough and an enhanced video walkthrough?

A video walkthrough is a free way to provide agents with an opportunity to quickly and easily bring a listing to life and a new way for buyers to envision themselves in a home. A video walkthough is captured exclusively through the Zillow Real Estate App and Premier Agent App. Video walkthroughs are simple and intuitive to record, review, and publish within minutes. Additionally, time limits, and other features ensure consistent production quality and experience for buyers across listings. 


An enhanced video walkthrough is a professional video of a home that is produced without using the Zillow Real Estate App and Premier Agent App. These enhanced video walkthroughs require a manual quality assurance review. Enhanced video walkthroughs can be up to 10 minutes in length and can include sound. 

Enhanced video walkthroughs are available to: 

  • Premier Agent Direct customers
  • Agents producing a video with our official video production partners:
    • Smartshoot
    • StudioNow
    • Houselens
    • Dronebase
  • Agents producing a video with a Zillow Certified Photographers with "Select" status

To submit an enhanced video walkthrough:

  • If you are a Premier Agent Direct advertiser, please submit the request to Agent Care - agentcare@zillowgroup.com
  • If you are a video partner, please submit to Zillow
  • If you are a Zillow certified photographer, please submit to Zillow


For more information, please visit, https://premieragent.zillow.com/pa/padirect/

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