What are the submission guidelines for listing videos and enhanced video walkthroughs?

We appreciate your help in providing a consistent video format across listings and ensuring the best experience for home shoppers. 

Listing Video Guidelines

* Videos should be shot in landscape mode, less than 10 minutes in length and less than 500MB in size.

*  Videos should be focused primarily on a walkthrough of the actual property. Best practices include showcasing the unique features of the home and how the rooms of a home connect.

*  Videos must be recorded on the property. We currently do not support computer-simulated or 3-D rendered videos. However, you can still provide a link to your 3-D tour on your listing via your MLS or broker feed. 

*  Branding is allowed but should be limited to a maximum of 15 seconds at the start and 15 seconds at the end of the video so the focus is on the listing. An occasional mention of the agent or brokerage name is allowed in the audio.

*  Marketing information, such as name and phone number or brokerage logo, cannot be overlaid as text or a watermark for the length of the entire video.

*  We do not accept slideshow videos as they do not provide the experience of an in-person tour.

*  Please avoid videos that are primarily of people or text. Videos that are focused heavily on the agent or brokerage should also be avoided. Branding videos can be promoted with our Premier Agent Direct ad platform.

* You must be the listing agent in order to feature a video walkthrough on a listing.

* Videos should not include copyrighted content (e.g., music).

For more information, please see the complete video walkthrough guidelines.

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