What are private team members and when do I use this option?

Team leaders can add team members as private members. This option is used to facilitate lead routing when team leaders want to send leads to agents who are not part of their public team. Private team members do not show up in the team’s public profile, additionally reviews and transactions are not rolled up to the team leader. Private team membership can be used if a leader wants to refer certain leads to an agent who is not officially part of his team.

To add a private team member, go to the team management page and click on the Add Team Members button. Search for the agent you would like to add and click on the Invite button. You will be given the option to select whether you want to add the agent as a public or private member. Once the team member has accepted, you can add them as an agent to receive leads from the routing rules page accessible from the Teams dropdown in Premier Agent inbox on desktop. Need more info on setting up routing rules? Click here.

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