I am a team member. What are team reminders and how will I be notified?

What are team reminders?

Team reminders allow team leaders to get better visibility into their leads pipeline by ensuring that team members are providing up-to-date information on leads they've receive. Reminders prompt you to take action on a lead and label it accordingly so your team leader knows where it stands in their transaction pipeline. 
Reminder rules are set by your team leader and triggered based on a lead's status or time frame. When turned on, reminders are sent when you have not completed a task within a specified time limit. Click here to see the options for reminder rules. You should follow up with your team leader about which rules are set up and what the time limits are for completion.

How will I be notified of reminders and where can I view them?

You will be reminded to update leads via push notifications to your phone. In order to receive these notifications you will need to download the Premier Agent App. Push notifications are sent when a task is overdue and daily with a summary of reminders. The immediate push notification will let you know which lead requires an update while the summary notification lets you know how many contacts need updating. You will continue to receive a reminder for an incomplete task every 24 hours until the task has been completed.


Example flow for an immediate push notification:

Immediate Push Notification   



To view all leads with reminders, go to the Contacts tab and filter for "Contacts with Reminders" to see a list of contacts that have overdue reminders. To see reminders associated with each contact, click on the contact and a summary of reminders will be displayed on the contact's page. To access this list on your mobile app, tap on the navigation menu, go to Contacts, tap on the Filter by option below the search bar and select "See contacts with reminders." 


What actions are required to complete my reminder tasks?  

Refer to this FAQ article to see reminder tasks and what actions are required to complete them.

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