My listing should be posted on Zillow

Here are some common reasons your listing(s) may not appear on Zillow and Trulia as expected: 


My Listing is posted on Zillow but it is not connected to my profile

Check your email addresses associated to your Zillow account 

Zillow Group uses the email address marked as <agent email> in listing feeds to connect listings to agent accounts. 

You will want to know the email address being used to syndicate your listings and have this set as either your primary or one of your additional emails on your account


I posted my listing manually and it is still not active 

It can take up to 72 hours for your listing to go through our verification process.  If you already submitted your listing and it is still showing "off market," it is still in the process of being verified.  Our verification team will contact you via phone to ask you a few questions before your listing is posted. 


My listing is active on my MLS but I do not see it on Zillow

is your MLS set up with a direct feed? 

Click here to check and see if your MLS has a direct feed set up with Zillow Group.

If your MLS does have a direct feed set up, but you do not see your listings on Zillow, you may need your broker to complete a few more steps to have your office complete set up. 

Have your broker reach out here or call  888-367-4001 


If your MLS does not have a direct feed set up with us, click here to contact your MLS and request a direct feed to be set up with Zillow Group


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