Third Party Leads

How can I integrate 3rd party leads with the Premier Agent App?

1. Connect your Gmail account to pull in leads from supported lead sources.  Open the Premier Agent App and tap Settings in the main menu.  Tap “Connect Gmail account” to get started.

2. Use your Premier Agent email address.  Simply add your Premier Agent email address as your primary email on each of your 3rd party sites.


What are you doing with the data in my inbox and my lead data? Are you using it in any way?

Your imported leads will just be a copy.  You will always own and have access to your original email.

The leads we import into the Premier Agent App are just a copy – you will always have access to the original email in your inbox. Lead and other account other account data will be used only for internal purposes, including to improve, and inform you about, our services.  We will not share your leads or account data with third parties.  We respect your privacy.


How are leads imported from Gmail?

Once a Gmail account is connected, only leads from supported lead sources are pulled into the Premier Agent App.  When supported leads are imported from a Gmail account, they will just be a copy.  You will always own and have access to the original lead in your Gmail inbox.


Will you duplicate my leads if I receive them from multiple sources.

We are working to eliminate duplicates. At this time we are removing duplicate Zillow and Trulia leads from other sources.


What third party leads are supported in the app?

Leads from the following sources will funnel to your app, so you have one centralized place to get your leads.


Can I individually select which 3rd party leads I want?

Not at this time. All leads supported sources will be pulled into the App.


Can I turn off notifications for specific third party leads?

Not at this time.


Can I route third party leads through the Premier Agent Team?

No. 3rd Party Leads are not routed through our Premier Agent Team. We're working on it. All third-party leads receive this PAC status message in the inbox: 


Can I use all the same routing rules for leads for 3rd party leads that I use for my Zillow and Trulia leads?

Yes, all incoming third party leads will follow the same routing rules that you currently use for Zillow and Trulia leads.


What is my Premier Agent email address? How do I use it?

Your Premier Agent email address allows you to pull in leads to the Premier Agent App even if you don’t have a Gmail account.  In the settings directly on your 3rd party lead sites, simply add your Premier Agent email address as your primary email.  Leads sent to your Premier Agent email address will be pulled into the app.


Can I decide what my Premier Agent email address should be?

No. At this time you cannot edit the email address we provide.


Can I use the address as a normal email address?

No. This email address is only for supported leads. If you receive a non-lead/normal email to this address, it will forward to your primary email address with an appended message, This message was received at your account. We’re forwarding it to you because it is not in our our list of supported lead sources.”


What are the new contact statuses and how do they map to the old statuses?

Contact statuses will be updated so that you have more visibility into your leads pipeline and where a contact is in the buying or selling process. The new statuses match the life-cycle of a lead from inquiry to sale. 

A list of new contact statuses and mapping to old statuses is detailed in the table below. Old statuses on your contacts will be updated automatically.

New Statuses Old Values
New New
Attempted contact  
Appointment set  
Met with lead  
Casually searching Warm
Actively searching Hot
Submitting offers (buyer leads)  
Listed (seller / listing leads)  
Under contract  
Closed Sold
Unresponsive Cold
Rejected Trash

* These changes go into effect in April, 2017.

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