Beware of spam

What type of spam should I be on the lookout for?

Please be aware of spam leads, listings or emails. 

Be wary if a new or unknown email sender asks you to download a file or click on a link.

Don’t open attachments or click links from unknown senders.

What are ways that I can identify if a lead is spam? How is it different from a real Premier Agent Lead notification?

While not all spam leads may appear exactly as shown below, it contains certain characteristics that differentiate it from our normal lead notification email you receive.

Remember, Zillow will never ask you to pay to unlock a lead.


Premier Agent Lead Notifications

Spam Lead Notifications

Are sent “from”

Premier Agent | Zillow & Trulia

Spammers will use modifications of our brand name. Example: “ZillowPro Leads”

Do you have to “unlock” leads?

No. Our lead emails present all relevant data within the lead notification email.

Many spam leads will prompt you to click or pay to “unlock” full lead details, by presenting partial info for their spam leads.

Pay to access lead information?

Never. Zillow will send you all lead information within the lead email.

Many spam leads will prompt you to pay for lead data. Do not click through or give your payment info.

Lead “source”

Premier Agent lead notifications will indicate if the lead came from “Zillow” or “Trulia” by highlighting the brand name underneath the lead information.

Spam leads may try to replicate this, though may use words such as “ZillowAds”.


How do I mark a lead as spam?


From your iPhone or Android device:

  • Select the suspicious lead
  • Click “More” form the bottom menu on iOS, or the “More” icon in the upper right on Android
  • Click “Mark as Spam”

From your Inbox on desktop:

  • Log into your Inbox
  • Select the suspicious lead
  • Click the dropdown arrow on the lead message panel
  • Click “Mark as Spam”

How can I identify a fraudulent listing?

  • It’s a copy of an existing listing with a new price.
  • There is a request to send money. 

How do I report a spam listing?

From or on your desktop

  • Click into the suspicious listing
  • Click "More" in the top nav
  • Click "Report problem with listing"

From the Zillow Real Estate app:

  • Click into the suspicious listing
  • Click "More" at the bottom right of the screen
  • Click "Report Listing" from the menu of options

How can I identify a fraudulent email?

Spam emails attempt to spoof the Zillow, Trulia or Premier Agent brand name and ask recipients to take urgent action. Recent spam has asked agents to "agree to our new policy updates" that prompt them to click through to a webpage not hosted by Zillow. 

How do I report a fraudulent email? 

Please email

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